Values You Believe In

We The People are bigger than the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties; bigger than the United States Government; bigger than the political and social elite.  On November 3, 2020 write-in Matthew "Doc" Dorchester for United States Senate.  Arizona's 1st U.S. Senator to be elected by write-in ballot.      

The Platform


The Republican, Democratic, and Independent Parties have failed in delivering the American dream.

How have they done it?

  • Wasteful impeachment proceedings, 
  • Economically infeasible Medicare for all proposals, 
  • Eroding the 2nd Amendment,
  • Quasi-legal H1Bs replacing American workers, 
  • Increased taxes (to pay for the rich not paying their tax share) through inflation,
  • Open borders allowing terrorists and rapists free reign to our children, family and friends.

The political elite, through the news media, say we're ignorant, weak and need to be told how to live our lives.  They slap our collective faces as our 40-hour a week job raises their standard of living.  They promised to represent us.  Instead, they have STOLEN our Country.  It's time we take it back.  On November 3, 2020, go to a polling center.  On the ballot write-in Matthew "Doc" Dorchester for United States Senate.  Let's make history!  

Libertarian? Democrat? Independent?

Take back your State from billionaires.  A write-in vote is free of influence.  It's a guarantee for freedom.  Elect the first US Senator in Arizona history by write-in vote in the November 3, 2020 general election.  Without spending a dime.  

Serving The Community

Matthew "Doc" Dorchester has been part of the Phoenix Metropolitan area for over 30 years working as a health care provider to make it a better place.  Tens of Thousands of dollars have been donated yearly in health care services.  I want people to know it's about being the best version of one's self. 


Change History


United By A Common Goal

  • Coronavirus proactive;
  • Obama Care reform - family deductible $500, individual $250;
  • Social Security yearly payout increase of 20% beginning 2022;
  • Spouse receives 100% of decedent (spouse's) Social Security benefit;
  • Improved border security; 
  • 2 Amendment - NO restriction; 
  • $20 out-of-pocket maximum for ALL RX drugs; 
  • $5000 yearly voucher for kindergarten through 8th grade;  
  • 90-Day immigration approval/denial-citizenship for qualified non-citizens;
  • Section 230 status elimination for all social media (Facebook, Twitter etc);
  • Capital gains tax increase of 10% for each taxable income bracket.


Do Not Contribute

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We as Americans must take our Country back from the political and social elite.  They spend billions of dollars to win.  We can do it with 3 million write-in votes.  Start now.  Request a mail-in ballot.  Simply click the blue "Update Party Affiliation, Request a mail-in ballot" bar above.  Or, take your family, friends and enemies to a polling center on November 3, 2020.  NO donation please.  Let's make history together. 

Get involved!